Sausage Island 10: Day of the Dead

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Sausage Island 10: Day of the Dead

Postby deaderrose » Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:08:27 pm


Sausage Island returns for its landmark tenth season!

After Austin Carty survived the endless plains of The Serengeti, Lex and Brett fled the country to continue on their journey to return to Sausage Island. However, as always, the two have found themselves stranded in an unfamiliar land; the heart of Mexico.

Thousands of years prior, the Aztecs celebrated a festival honoring their dead ancestors. These celebrations grew over time and became the Day of the Dead festival as we know it today.

Now, in these same lush jungles and within these same abandoned ruins, this season of Sausage Island will pay respect to such celebrations by honoring its own dead. Previous players looking for a chance at redemption will mix with new blood eager to prove themselves for the first time.

With eighteen fresh and familiar faces, and a new locale; who will outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition?

Welcome to Sausage Island 10: Day of the Dead!

If you wish to play, we have a quick application for you to go through. It's over AIM or Skype and it's very brief. We'd just like to ask a few questions and get to know you a bit. In order to apply, IM either Lex at g1nger23 or Brett at iamsovrycool. (Or contact Lex on Skype at curtislost).

Instead of selecting returnees and inviting them privately, returnees are urged to apply on their own. If you've ever played in the series and want another chance at it (as the same character), message us to fill out a separate returnee application. This goes for players of all kinds, whether you were a prejuror who played once or a series veteran who played multiple times. If selected, you will be playing as

This season of Sausage Island will be STRICTLY ALIAS! We did this in the last two seasons and it was very successful. We request that you do not tell anyone who you are applying as, and if you are cast, do not reveal your true identity to any fellow players. If you do, you will risk being booted from the game. This includes revealing your alias to any of the returning players. And remember, you never known who may be returning, so please don't spread around to your friends who you are applying as. If you can't follow this rule, please do not apply!

The tentative start date is Sunday the 20th, with the cast being informed via AIM/Skype on Saturday the 19th. This may change depending on the amount of applications received.

Apply while you can! We're looking for a wide variety of new and past players alike.

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